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Support Coordination

At Aberstone, our support coordination team is about enabling outcomes for you. We focus on you, your abilities and your strengths. We look for solutions, and think outside the box, to eliminate roadblocks. We look for what you can do to maximise your NDIS plan so that you can get out there and smash your goals - every last one of them - because together we can achieve more.

Support Coordination is an NDIS funded activity designed to ensure that participants implement their plan as successfully as possible. It builds your capacity to enable outcomes as set out in your plan. Once approved by the NDIS, participants are allocated funds to work with Support Coordinators.

Aberstone Support Coordination, Level 1, Level2, and Specialist Coordination is about:

  • Facilitating what is possible with your NDIS funds.

  • Building capacity to exercise choice and control.

  • Supporting you to navigate the NDIS marketplace and find providers that meet your needs.

Aberstone has a strong network in the local community and is linked with multiple service providers and recreational groups. We work with you and your family to access services in your area. We engage services that are close to you so that you can become more involved and included in your local community.

Our team talk the NDIS talk. We know all the ins and outs and are happy to have a chat at any stage of the planning process.

Aberstone offer complimentary Pre-Planning so that you can think about your goals, your life, and what outcomes you want, before you have your NDIS meeting. We make sure that you are fully prepared.

Aberstone Support Coordination will help you to fully understand and implement the funded supports and services in your NDIS plan.

Aberstone will focus on supporting you to connect to providers of your choice that can supply the services that you require. This will involve:

  • Negotiating and understanding what the providers offer.

  • Understanding the costs associated with the services.

  • Ensuring that service agreements and service bookings are completed.

  • Making sure you have choice and control within your plan.

  • Preparing for future thinking and the plan review process.

Aberstone ensure that you optimise your plan and get the best outcomes from your funded supports. We help you to identify unfunded supports to help you to achieve your goals and live your life, your way.

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination is very similar to support coordination, with the core concepts being the same. However, there are some key differences. 

A Specialist Support Coordinator will be an experienced practitioner such as an Occupational Therapist, Psychologist or Social worker. A specialist Support Coordinator will become necessary when an individual has complex or high needs.

The goal of a specialist support coordinator is to support you to face the challenges in your support environment. Some examples may include health, education, or justice; with the aim of reducing barriers that may impact on you accessing or using your NDIS plan.

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