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Why choose Aberstone? 

Aberstone ’s services and support that enable you to live an independent life your way!

We hear what you say

At Aberstone we start by listening. We want to get to know you in order to understand what your goals and aspirations are. Our Services Manager will meet with you to chat about your dreams and how we can support you, as well as assisting you in navigating the NDIS.


Getting started

Our experienced team will organise everything needed to put your plan in to place. We roster the supports you want and check to see that staff understand your goals and how to support you to achieve them.

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Shared partnership of supports

At Aberstone we work with you to design the personal support that you and your family need, around the services that we can provide, in order to create an individualised plan. A service agreement is put in place outlining the client’s rights and responsibilities as well as Aberstone’s rights and responsibilities. This ensures that you are involved and have choice and control.

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Review and support

At Aberstone we keep talking to you and listening to what you want. We are ready to change your services when needed, or as goals are met. If you want to change things, it’s no problem. We totally understand that everyone’s lives change from time to time, and your supports need to be flexible. Additionally, we can support you with any reports that you may need for your NDIS plan review.

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